Nutritional Stress & How We Can Help

Did you know that you have 70 trillion cells in your body?

Did you know that you replace cells in your body at a rate of 70 billion a day?

Did you know that….

Your skin cells turn over constantly – every 27 days

Your blood cells are replaced every 90 -120 days

Your muscle cells are replaced every 1-3 years

Your bone cells are replaced every 2-4 years

Your nervous system cells are replaced every 7 years

Why wouldn’t you want to replace worn-out damaged cells with the most healthy and vibrant cells you can?

Diet Analysis and Supplementation

When starting care, we encourage every new patient to complete a System Survey to assess potential concerns with their current diet. Let’s face it, no one eats a perfect diet. And what may be best for your friend or those people on TV may not be best for you and your current state of health.

Dr. Bobby Jones has been trained in Morphogentic Field Technique (MFT), a specific Muscle Response Testing technique developed by Dr. Frank Springob. With this amazing technique, we use the patient’s own energetic field properties as a guide to their overall health and vitality. All living things have an energy field and its size indicates the level of vitality/ health of the person. Using a specific protocol, we can determine which supplement/nutrients are necessary to increase their energy field.

Of the trillions of cells in our body, every single one is dependent on proper nutritional support. That is why we use Standard Process, MediHerb and Energetix supplementation based upon whether support needed is nutritional, herbal, homeopathic or a combination.

Interested in checking whether your energy field is large and balanced?


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