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With the rising cost of chronic (preventable) disease in the United States and elsewhere, it is clear that we all should pay better attention to what is affecting our current health status.

The problems as well as the solutions are woven into the everyday function of our bodies, including the brain. That is the holistic approach we take with every patient at Blackbird Natural Health.

Chiropractic Treatment Affects the Brain?

Even though you may not be aware of it, your brain monitors and responds to stress thousands of times every second of your life. This “Stress Response” has been the subject of rigorous study and is the focus of many physicians, including Dr. Bobby Jones.

Finding faulty patterns in our body’s “built-in” stress RECOVERY systems and correcting them with gentle, specific chiropractic care can help unlock the Innate Healing Potential that every one of us is born with.

Neuroscientists report that the circumstances which influence our “stress-load” have changed dramatically over the modern generations. Our daily lives are more sedentary with long hours (some 24 hours a day) surrounded by electromagnetic radiation (computers, television, cell phones, WiFi). Our surroundings are contaminated with herbicides/pesticides and other toxins which further affect our health.

Our diets are devoid of the essential nutrition we need to make healthy cells despite the claims made on so- called “health foods’.

We are no longer enjoy the slow and relaxed lifestyles we were designed to live and this takes a toll on the brain.

The fact is this: 98% of the energy and electrical operation of the human brain is “subconscious” or “other than conscious”. This means that we don’t have awareness or control over the majority of our everyday brain function which controls our body’s basis functions (digestion, immune response, hormone regulation, etc).

At Blackbird Natural Health, we have found that by also including stress-testing, using up-to-date medical research equipment to measure the brain function of our practice members, we are able to better identify

WHY most health issues are present as well as find a common sense approach that will boost proper brain function (which coordinates ALL healing) without drugs or surgery.

Want to know how healthy you are?

Get evaluated by a doctor that specializes in the whole health of your body, including brain function.

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