Physical Stress & How Chiropractic Can Help

At Blackbird Natural Health, Dr. Bobby Jones use chiropractic adjustments to balance both body and brain function.

Let’s face it. Most people first look for a chiropractor because we are experts in addressing physical pain by reducing the physical stress on the body without the use of drugs.

In acute cases, like automobile accidents or other traumas, physical injuries are common occurrences and respond well to chiropractic care as we affect the nervous system to reduce the pain while stimulating the healing response and keep the joints moving while their body heals.

But what about chronic pain? How does chiropractic help?

We often hear people say that they have a “bone out of place”. But do they? Most likely not. What they most often have is a chronic “inappropriate neurological-patterned response” to a stress. What that means is that over time you have developed a less efficient movement/posture patterns to compensate for old injuries.

For example: Let’s say you’re walking along and get a stone in your shoe but you are unable to stop and remove the stone. You still have to walk so you quickly find a different way to put pressure on that foot to avoid the pain of the stone. Now that foot is striking the ground differently than the other. Pretty quickly your walking gait will be affected putting different stresses on your knee/hip and pelvis to a point where these compensation are now creating problems.

Chronic Stress Patterns

With patients under chronic physical/emotional/mental stress, the result is shallow breathing, altered posture, tight neck and shoulders, restricted motion and/or pain. At Blackbird Natural Health, we use the chiropractic adjustment to “reset” that response to one that is more appropriate and ideally less painful.

Think of it as hitting the “Control/Alt/Delete” button on your nervous system. Due to the brain and nervous system hardwiring that “inappropriate” pattern over many years, it may take time to un-learn that pattern in order to create new, more appropriate responses to stress.


Your current brain function affects how you will respond to chiropractic care. We utilize special non-invasive testing techniques to determine WHAT TYPE of chiropractic care is most appropriate for you. Everyone is special and unique, and our goal is to make you feel better and stay feeling better.

Gentle, light force chiropractic adjustments are perfect for the over- stimulated brain (the vast majority of us). If our testing finds that your brain has “the gas pedal stuck down” then light force adjusting techniques will provide your brain and body with the correct amount of healing stimulation to calm your system down to a healing state. More intense manual adjusting techniques may be too intense for these patients as their nervous systems is already over-stimulated.

When our patients present with high pain levels or an “under-aroused” brain, more physical adjusting techniques may be appropriate to shut down pain-patterns and return the body to balance.

Dr. Jones will explain everything to you in terms you can understand, making it easy to understand what is the underlying cause of your problem and how it can be helped with chiropractic care.

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